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Old World Christmas Ornaments

Many interesting stories and legends about Christmas can be found in our selection of classic glass Old World Christmas ornaments. Explore the Christmas Chalet's world of traditions, cultures, religions, and myths. Some are good luck ornaments and charms, or reflect age-old Christmas traditions from around the world. Some are vegetables and animals, some are political party Christmas ornaments. Seek and you just might find that perfect ornament or gift.
Most of our delightful Christmas ornaments feature an attached story card. These cards provide nostalgic imagery combined with unique ornament legends.

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Shamrock Old World Ornament
Shamrock Ornament

The shamrock is a symbol of the cross and the holy trinity. It has also long been a symbol of Ireland and is said to be used by St. Patrick in his teaching. By showing how the three separate leaves of the shamrock were joined by one stem, he was able to show the people how God could be three in one.
Trinity Cross Old World Ornament
Trinity Cross Ornament

The Trinity Cross blends several significant Irish symbols. Celtic Knots are believed to represent the intricacy of God's creation and an individual's journey through life. The shamrock is a symbol of the Holy Trinity and the enclosing circle symbolizes eternity.
Claddagh Old World Ornament


The Claddagh is a traditional Irish design incorporating two hands clasping a heart and surmounted by a crown. These elements symbolize love, friendship and loyalty. When given as a gift, the Claddagh expresses "with these hands I give you my heart and I crown it with my love."
Celtic Brooch Old World Ornament
Celtic Brooch


This beautiful glass Celtic brooch ornament blends several significant Irish symbols. Celtic knots are believed to represent the intricacy of God's creation and an individual's journey through life. The shamrock is a symbol of the Holy Trinity and the circle symbolizes eternity.
Irish Snowman Old World Ornament
Irish Snowman


Here the familiar lucky green shamrocks from the Emerald Isle appear on a festive snowman playing a traditional Irish harp. This Irish Snowman will grace your Christmas tree with the "Luck of the Irish."
St. Patrick Old World Ornament
St. Patrick


St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. As a bishop in the fifth century, he used traditional Irish symbols, such as the shamrock, to help with the conversion of the Irish to Christianity. His followers wore a shamrock on his feast day, March 17. This St. Patrick's Day custom came to America and was first celebrated in Boston in 1737.
Old World Ornament
Ornament Hangers

The fast and easy way to hang your ornaments! 100 green wire ornament hangers.

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